"Everyone's favorite Elizabethan entertainment group"
- Portland Press Herald, 10/21/09

The mission of Naked Shakespeare is to allow actors and audiences to experience the power of Shakespeare's language and imagery through listening and speaking the text. Our performances showcase the words of the Bard in performances in non-traditional venues presented without sets, lights and costumes, allowing the audience's imagination to take center stage.


directed by Michael Howard
featuring Karen Ball
presented by the Acorn Shakespeare Conservatory

Members of Naked Shakespeare join student actors from our year-long training program in their final production of the season. Shakespeare's classic play comes to live in an innovative staging that provides a unique perspective on the Dane's dilemma. A collaboration with the USM English Department.

Wishcamper Center, USM
May 30, 31, June 6, 7 at 7pm
Sunday matinee June 8 at 2:30pm

Admission free for USM faculty, staff and students
$10 general public

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"'Hamlet' is the play, according to Anthony Burgess that 'the world can do least without.' It contains in the title role a character so large in scope to be the accumulation of all our values and beliefs; no other play gives an actor such words of compassion, charm, wisdom, wit, impetuosity and philosophy. This 'Hamlet' production is unusual in two ways: First: My Hamlet is a woman -- playing a man. Why not, it has been done many times before, and it is a fair and just choice for two reasons -- you want your best actor/ess playing the role; and, the Elizabethans were all men playing the extraordinary women created by Shakespeare, so turnabout is fair play. Secondly, the actors will remain on stage the whole time as if they were witnesses at a trial, yes, unusual, but not unprecedented. It is to be a dissection of the play with actors as players -- watching and reacting and ready to give their evidence. The players continually recharge their energy on the stage, and their constant presence is an ever-transforming chorus informing and making immediate the events."

Naked Shakespeare in performance at the Wine Bar
December 2009