December 27 to 31

downtown Portland and Westbrook, Maine
Vaudeville shows featuring comedy, skill and illusions
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Peter Boiea magician for non-believers who inspires the imagination
Hilary Chaplain “I Love Lucy” meets the Little Tramp
Alex Foolovsky mInd bending sight gags from a foreigner who just wants to be understood
Daniel Forlano a happy sad chap with a rubber face
Krin Haglund - dazzling acrobatics and aerial silks yield a whirlwind performance
Dan Link - close-up, jaw-dropping magic
Iman Lizarazu – world-class juggler and eccentric performer
Tom Murphy slapstick solo clowning of the finest variety
Ray: Big Ball Juggler - sophisticated acrobatic precision
Antonio Rocha - zany characters and physical comedy
Phil Smith - expert sleight-of-hand skills
Michael Trautman prepostorous ping-pong impoderables and much more


11 a.m. – Phyzkidz (SPACE Gallery)
2 p.m. – Phyzkidz (SPACE Gallery)

11 a.m. – Phyzkidz (SPACE Gallery)
2 p.m. – Phyzkidz (SPACE Gallery)
7 p.m. – Vaudeville show (Portland Stage Company)

11 a.m. – Phyzgig (Acorn Studio Theater)
2 p.m. – Phyzgig (Acorn Studio Theater)
7 p.m. – Vaudeville show (Portland Stage Company)

1 p.m. – Phyzgig (Acorn Studio Theater)
3 p.m. – Phyzgig (Acorn Studio Theater)
5 p.m. – Vaudeville show (Portland Stage Company)

2 p.m. – Vaudeville show (Portland Stage Company)
7 p.m. – Vaudeville show (Portland Stage Company)

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In the grand tradition of vaudeville, we have assembled a line-up world-class performers from all over the country to entertain you with a unique blend of expert juggling, incredible illusions, mystifying magic, captivating storytelling, and side-splitting physical comedy. Each show is different, so you will never see the same show twice. Phyzgig shows are suitable for audiences of all ages and each venue offers its unique ambience. There is far too much information about each performer to include in this brochure, so be certain to visit our website to check out more info about each Phyzgig artist, including links to their website and videos of their performance. Be certain to like our page on Facebook to receive inside information about the festival.


Something for everyone!

Portland Stage Company, 25A Forest Ave., Portland

Our premiere venue in the heart of the arts district offers the comfort and luxury of reserved seating. Each show features five or six artists performing in each of two sets. All PSC vaudeville variety shows are accompanied by the live sounds of the Matt Rock Pit Band.

SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland

Enjoy our popular Phyzkidz series in this storefront arts venue on Congress Street that offers younger audience members the chance to sit up close on carpet squares for the best view of our performers. SPACE shows run slightly under an hour with no intermission and feature three artists in each show.

Acorn Studio Theater, 90 Bridge St., Westbrook

Come to Westbrook to enjoy the intimacy of our little gem of a theater in the Dana Warp Mill. Comfortable padded chairs allow for a relaxed experience watching three performers entertain audiences in shows running about an hour.


Phyzgig vaudeville shows

$20 adults; $18 students/seniors; $16 kids twelve and under

Phyzkidz shows

$14 adults; $12 students/seniors; $10 kids twelve and under

Phyzgig celebrates a grand vaudeville tradition that dates back hundreds of years

The physical comedy festival began with a series of performances of Avner the Eccentric in 1997. During the next few years, the festival expanded to the point where it now offers Portland audiences a great opportunity to chase away post-holiday blues with a family-oriented week of music and magic, mirth and mayhem. Each performance is a mini-festival unto itself, showcasing the work of three to seven vaudeville entertainers.

Phyzgig is presented by Acorn Productions, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.