Our annual incubator for the development of world premiere scripts by Maine-based authors will take place in the spring of 2013. The festival is open to all playwrights, regardless of experience. This year's festival will consist of one staged readings of a full-length play, two fully-produced performances of short plays, "Take Two," an evening of 2-minute plays and monologues in multiple interpretations, and the 24-hour Portland Theater Project.
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WANT/NOT, by Cullen McGough directed by Michael Levine
A dysfunctional family gives up on the ghosts of the past and chooses a new path forward.


RADICALS, by Carolyn Gage directed by Michael Levine
Sexual tensions fuse with political agendas as women in the anti-Vietnam War movement cross minefields of repressed emotion, and the action builds to a violent climax as the war comes home.

Zeno's Arrow, by Dan Susman

Memories of Paradies,
by Bruce Pratt

Holly Belle, by Sarah Paget


CAT SCRATCH, by Megan Tripaldi directed by Al D'Andrea
A woman and her beau discuss the annoyances of owning a cat that plots against you

DATE NIGHT AT AL'S BAR AND GRILL, by Dan Hadley directed by Wil Kilroy
A comic look at speed dating through the lens of two people who are initially reluctant participants

DELESTAGE, by Delvyn Case directed by Al D'Andrea
A young man and his wife take desperate actions with potential life-threatening consequences to save their lives and family in the deprivation of the Democratic Republic of Congo

HOLLY BELLE, by Sarah Paget directed by Elizabeth Rollins
A woman who is stuck in her grief encounters someone who is proof personified that life goes on and one can choose to live in the moment

JANEY SUCCUMBS TO POLAR MADNESS, by Michael Kimball directed by Michael Levine
After spending a 6-month polar night secluded in an Arctic lab, a limate scientist and a polar bear expert make a grim discovery

MEMORIES OF PARADISE, by Bruce Pratt directed by Michael Levine
Two men who have known one another since high school discover the limits of what one friend can say to another

ROPE TRICK, by Michael Tooher directed by Reba Short
Two characters in a play attempt to escape and overbearing playwright

SLUNKER FISH, by Roger Clark Van Deusen directed by Michael Rafkin
Two fishermen discuss their relationship to their catch

STEL, by Charlie Cole directed by Ella Wrenn
Sometimes breaking up happens a little bit at a time

ZENO'S ARROW, by David Susman directed by Al D'Andrea
Love endures - even when it's mathematically impossible

Stel, by Charlie Cole

Cat Scrath, by Megan Tripaldi

Holly Belle, by Sarah Paget

Janey Succumbs to Polar Madness by Michael Kimball


directed by Michael Levine

A WHALE OF A TALE, by Harlan Baker
A man is convinced to make a donation to a cause he knows nothing about

BABY STEPS, by David Susman
To procreate or not to procreate - that is the question

IN COUNSELING, by Jennifer Reck
A couple realizes their faith in their marriage counselor is misplaced

LORD WINECRUST, by Lynne Cullen
While walking through the forest, innocent Britta is menaced by the terrible Lord Winecrust...or is she?

MESSAGE, by David Susman
Sometimes a voicemail message can reveal more about a relationship than you think

SMALL TOWN, by Jennifer Reck
A woman discovers that her romantic interest has issues

STARTING OVER, by Patricia Mew
Two characters spar with one another for control of their encounter


directed by Michael Levine

FEE, by Jonathan Potter
A man explores the unusual financial customs of the Maine Playwrights Festival

FIRE AWAY, by Jefferson Navicky
A father realizes that his son isn't taking the son's mother's death quite as well as he thought the son would

HALO, by Hal Cohen
A physician's personal fall from grace

THE SOLDIER'S SPEECH, by Michael Tooher
A young homeless veteran reflects on his cowardice

Maine Playwrights Festival Production History

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